Patricia Prendergast, River Reflection


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Maxine Solomon’s current series of nonrepresentational oil paintings are about exploration, spontaneity, and energy. She approaches her canvases with no preconceived plan, preferring to work intuitively with large brushes and sweeps of moving color, alternating between building up and scraping back thick layers of paint. The final energetic atmospheres are often reminiscent of the natural phenomenon she experienced while living abroad, as well as in Northern California.

Sponsored by Pat & Hoy Carman

Ceramic artists Claudia Tarantino, Daniel Alejandro Trejo, and Bill Heiderich share an interest in capturing the changing quality of time. In her exquisite trompe l’oeil sculpture, Claudia Tarantino attempts “to capture moments in time, past and present.” Representing keepsakes in clay such as photographs, toys, and children’s shoes, she creates tableau in which memories of life are activated. Sculptor Bill Heiderich reinterprets vessels by using shapes derived from traditional pottery. These largely geometric forms are reminiscent of food, especially with their colorful glazes. As stage sets of movement and tension, Heiderich is interested in change and the passage of time seen in ordinary objects surrounding us.  Daniel Alejandro Trejo’s ceramic forms play with enclosure, as they frame internal and external space. Using wooden supports, Trejo’s art explodes the idea of the discrete art object and pedestal, instead, offering up the idea of an integrated art space between artwork and the gallery.  In all, Moments in Time & Space offers a varied look at how three artists depict change within the boundaries of form and time. 

Sponsored by Bill & Nancy Roe