The Pence Gallery’s mission is to serve the community through offering high caliber art exhibits, supporting the development of local and regional artists, and providing educational programs to visitors of all ages. The Pence fulfills this mission by creating innovative exhibits of contemporary art, which explore social, cultural, and political concepts and messages.

DIVERSITY, equity & inclusion statement

At the Pence, we think that art can bring us together, to listen to and learn from one another. The Pence strongly believes that art is for everyone, regardless of class, race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, physical abilities, or faith. Reflecting our Mission Statement, we affirm that our goal is to serve the community by offering exhibits ad programs that reflect and enrich the lives of people of diverse backgrounds.

We acknowledge that the voices of many people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds have been ignored, attacked, or silenced. The very real work of addressing this systemic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal racism is part of our continuing efforts to act with honesty, inclusiveness, and humility in our interactions with artists, each other, and the greater public. Art possesses the unique ability to express and redress aspects of this racial inequity, and its power and beauty lies in communicating across lines that normally divide us.

The Pence is committed to being an anti-racist organization, and we welcome all people and communities who have felt marginalized in the art world to collaborate with us on this ongoing journey. In both our words and our actions, we strive to be a place where diversity, equity, and inclusion is respected and fostered. In addition to being an admission-free gallery, the Pence is working to ensure that everyone in our region has the opportunity to participate in the arts, express themselves, and share their work with the larger community. We aspire to be an inclusive, culturally-rich, and essential community-based organization.


The Pence Gallery is a non-profit 501(c)(3) art organization located in downtown Davis. Its name derives from benefactors Joe and Hazel Pence. The building, once the site of Dr. Joseph Pence’s thriving dental practice, was gifted to the city of Davis. Community members petitioned for its use as a venue for changing displays of contemporary art, and won the right to use the facility and grounds in 1975.

Our current facility, unveiled in February 2005, was designed by Barcelon Jang Architecture, San Francisco. Situated on the original site of the Pence Gallery building, the facility contains three gallery spaces: the Andresen Learning Center Gallery, the Dowling Community Gallery, and the Coldwell Banker Main Gallery.

The Pence Gallery has been a member of the Sacramento arts community for over 45 years. Art exhibitions throughout the year are partnered with artist-led talks, demonstrations, workshops, and tours. These offerings are supported by the Pence Gallery Association and guided by the Pence Director and staff members. The Association raises funds through memberships, donations, sales, and fundraising events.

Annual Report

The Pence’s Annual Report covers the time period from July 1-June 30, and is available for viewing in late July.  Download our most recent overview of our activities and financial statements.

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