Patricia Prendergast, River Reflection


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Etchings by Gail Morrison October 1-29, 2022

I derive inspiration from the natural world, although sometimes
things get a little twisted and convoluted, a little abstract.
I am captivated by printmaking, bewitched by etching: the romance
of process, a series of steps laid out centuries ago that are very
specific but have a life of their own – a silent, unpredictable partner.
The history invoked by the smell of the ink; the endless
combinations and variations of techniques; the luscious paper and
the embossment made by the plate as the paper and ink are melded
into one. I can never be sure of the final result until I run paper and
plate through the press, fold back the blankets and gently lift the
paper to see what has appeared, the first print of an edition.
I am honored to explore and practice the traditions of fine art
printmaking – its history, and quiet emotional involvement and
intimate connection with the viewer – and to continue these
traditions into the world of today.

Gail Morrison, Pandemic Moon Rolls through the Forest, 2021, etching with chine collé  and glow-in-the-dark pigment