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Water + Color National Juried Exhibit

Feb. 14-Mar. 31, 2020
Reception: Feb. 14 , 6-9 PM
Juror's Talk with Sandy Delehanty: Mar. 1, 2-3 PM (FREE)
History of Watercolor Painting Talk: Mar. 7, 2-3PM (FREE)


Sponsored by Bob & Joanne Andresen

Laurelin Gilmore & Liz Webb: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Mar. 5-May 1, 2020
Reception: Mar. 13, 6-9 PM


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1968: The Folsom
(Main & Community Gallery)

Apr. 7-May 24, 2020
Reception: Apr. 10, 6-9 PM
Photographer’s Talk w/Gene Beley: April 19, 2-3 PM (FREE)


The exhibit is supported by Wil Uecker & Karen Fess-Uecker, Rosa Marquez & Yatish Mishra, Tom Doyle & Kathy Joseph, Bill & Nancy Roe, Sunny Shine, William Kenefick, and Terry Davison.

Best of the Best
(Learning Center)

May, 6-30, 2020
Reception: May 8, 6-9 PM
David Olivant:
Mixed Media Sculpture
(Main Gallery)

Jun. 2-Jul. 2, 2020
Reception: Jun. 12, 6-9 PM

Olivant’s assemblages build upon fragments of his drawings.
Rendered in detail, his quotations from art history’s bank of images, are further enlivened with the addition of carefully chosen found objects. Hardware, mementos, and references to the past are fastened together with bits of branches and wood.
They become more than the sum of their parts, creating scenes and characters full of historical and personal allusions.

Sponsored by Tandem Properties.

Marti Schoen &
Binuta Sudhakaran
(Learning Center)

Jun. 5-28, 2020
Reception: Jun. 12, 6-9 PM
Rare Birds
(Community Gallery)

Jun. 2-Jul 2, 2020
Reception: Jun. 12, 6-9 PM

Artists have long been fascinated by the beauty and industry of birds, from their colorful plumage to their flight patterns. Fifteen regional artists delve into the subject of birds and their nests, looking at the mythical power and reality of the avian world. Rare Birds assembles paintings and sculpture on the topic of birds and their nests. Participating regional artists include Suzanne Adan, Paula Bellacera, Diana Lewis Coleman, Lynn Criswell, Chris Daubert, Natasha Dikareva, Anne Gregory, Mark Gleason, Sasinun Kladpetch, Nelson Loskamp, Katie McCann, Mike Stevens, Marsha Schindler, and Sandy Whetstone.

Sponsored by Helen Richardson


Slice: A Juried Exhibit
(Main Gallery)

Jul. 10-Aug. 16, 2020
Reception: Jul. 10, 6-9 PM
Deadline: June 5 at 9 PM online at www.callforentry.org

Juried by Hearne Pardee, UC Davis Professor of Art. Slice is our annual juried exhibit of 30 works of art in all media, as selected by an artist or curator.

Exhibit It!
(Community Gallery)

July 3-26, 2020
Reception: July 10, 6-9 PM
Drop-off: June 30-July 1, 11:30 AM-4:30 PM

Our non-juried art exhibit by community members is coming up!
Artists ages 16 and up can drop off one artwork of their choice in any medium to the Pence on June 29-30 from 11:30-4:30 PM.  Drop off dates for one piece (only 50 pieces are accepted) are June 30-July 1 from 11:30 AM-4:30 PM. The Pence will accept up to 50 works of art, limited in size to 30” wide. Sculpture cannot weigh over 50 lb. Fee is $20 Pence members/$25 nonmembers.

Art Auction 2020

Aug. 30-Sept. 26, 2020
ArtAbout Preview: Sept. 11, 6-9 PM
Gala Event: Sept. 26, 6:30-9 PM

Chris Daubert
(Main Gallery)

Oct. 1-Nov. 29, 2020
Reception: Oct. 9, 6-9 PM

Chris Daubert is sculpting intricate, small-scale wooden sculptures that will be obscured partly by a wall of diaphanous hanging fabric. His concept is that the search for art is always an illusion.

Sara Post:
Windows & Markers
(Community Gallery)

Oct. 2-Nov. 1, 2020
Reception: Oct. 9, 6-9 PM

Sara Post’s in-depth investigation of the significance of abstract painting, coupled with her fascination with mark-making and architecture, combines in this new display of paintings that function as both windows and roadside markers.

Group Show
(Learning Center)

Oct. 2-25, 2020
Reception: Oct. 9, 6-9 PM
Holiday Market
(Community Gallery)

Nov. 6-Dec. 24, 2020
Reception: Nov. 13, 6-9 PM

Shane Fero
(Learning Center)

Nov. 6-29, 2020
Reception: Nov. 13, 6-9 PM
Jeffrey Nebeker
(Learning Center)

Dec. 4-27, 2020
Reception: Dec. 10, 6-9 PM

Michael Shemchuk:
Mixed Media
(Main Gallery)

Dec. 11, 2020-Jan. 24, 2021
Reception: Dec. 11, 6-9 PM

Shemchuk is an influential Bay Area mixed media painter, whose abstract paintings have inspired many local artists. His work includes large-scale collages that are abraded and ripped, with gestural sections of calligraphic marks and symbols.

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Layaway Plan for Artwork Purchase

If you are interested in purchasing one of our available artworks, but are not in a hurry and would like to make payments overtime, we offer a wonderful layaway program.

First, staff will clear the layaway sale with the artist. A down payment of 30% of the total purchase price will enable clients to secure an item. Patrons can make payments with cash, check, or credit card for up to 90 days. After the deposit is paid, patrons can make equal payments, or pay off in full, during this 90 day time period. A layaway contract will help you outline a payment schedule that works for you and the Gallery. There is no charge for the Layaway Plan. The down payment is not returnable once it is paid. Any other payments that are made on the artwork cannot be returned if the buyer decides not to purchase the artwork.

This Layaway Plan is available, subject to approval by staff and Artist, for any piece that is $250 retail and over and can be safely stored.  All purchases must include sales tax (8.25%).

Once the balance is paid in full, you will be notified to pick up the artwork.

The Pence Gallery accepts the following methods of payment:

– All major credit and debit cards, including

– Cash, and personal checks with identification

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