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Patricia Prendergast: The Serenity of the California Landscape
April 17-May 31, 2021


  Marc Lancet: Ceramic Sculpture
April 30– June 13, 2021
May 15, 2-3:15 PM: Artist Talk (FREE) via Zoom
May 22, 2-5 PM: Artist in the Gallery (in person) (no registration necessary)

The search for the figure has inspired sculptor Marc Lancet’s artistic practice for decades. Harkening back to ancient goddess figures from prehistoric Europe, Japan, and pre-colonial Africa, Lancet builds totemic female figures on a grand scale. Always aiming for wonder and mystery over realism and planning, he produces abstracted figures full of emotional depth. Equally full of sentiment are Lancet’s ceramic masks, in which found objects add expressive facial features and wry character.  Each figure is fired using an ancient wood firing process, in which ash from burning wood deposits on the surface.

Sponsored by Tandem Properties.

  Lisa Jetonne: Held to Earth
April 30– June 13, 2021
May 26, 7-8:15 PM: Artist Talk (FREE) via zoom

Lisa Jetonne’s interest in categorizing and labeling our natural environment offers a critical reflection on how and why we order natural objects.  Using ceramics to record all the varieties of the earth’s geological as well as botanical wealth, Jetonne creates multifaceted installations that echo natural history museum displays. As she writes, “I deconstruct information and materials, dividing and rearranging them to examine assumptions about ourselves and our environment.” Her work engages visitors in an exploration of how we construct a sense of scientific veracity

Natural Abundance: Gardens, Flowers, and Fruit

May 1-30, 2021

Although we all miss the annual Garden Tour that was canceled again this year due to Covid, there is no need to miss out on all the spring flowers and rainbow of colors. Natural Abundance brings together the artists that we all love from the annual Pence Gallery Garden Tour. Every year, these artists have been an essential part of our event, as they paint, sketched, or sculpted the beauty of our highlighted gardens. Stroll around the room and take in the beauty from artists such as Karen Fess, Deb Hill, Chris Kidd, Anne Lincoln, Janet Crittenden, Rebecca Ryland, Barbara Smithson, Linda Clark Johnson, Marlene Lee, Mary Neri King, Cynthia Martin Kroener, Adele Shaw, Sompol Chatusripitak, Trish Mayer, Kaye Gamper, and Pete Scully. Our theme for our artists this year was the natural beauty of local gardens, thus the exhibit includes wonderful still-life subjects, abstracts, and landscapes. We are so appreciative of their support over the years.

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Joseph Richardson: Stories of Light

June 4-27, 2021                          

Joseph Richardson sets the stage for open-ended narratives, with his evocative oil paintings of rustic outdoor scenes and dramatic landscapes. His focus on light and shadow, and interest in creating mystery through contrast and subject placement, give his work both a familiarity and an otherworldliness simultaneously.

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