Alejandro Rubio: Twenty Years Forward
Jan. 28- February 25, 2021
| This exhibit is sponsored by Rosa Marquez & Yatish Mishra.

Alejandro Rubio marks his 20th year in the US as an exhibiting artist with a series of new paintings.  Reflecting his keen observation of place, the artist includes his anthropomorphized landscapes, in which landmasses have an almost human presence. In addition to colorful cityscapes and abstracted views, Rubio shares his interest in creating space through geometric patterning.

Feb. 11, 5-6:30 PM: A Virtual Conversation with the Artist

Join painter Alejandro Rubio and Director Natalie Nelson for a virtual conversation about Rubio's new paintings, his formative influeces and the importance of place in his work. To register for this free talk via Zoom, go to https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87308664506.


This group of paintings stem from my observations of the landscape that surrounds me. Mental sketches and the use of interpretation assist me in portraying an imaginary terrain that suggests the topography of Northern California, and sometimes of other places. Incredibly flat areas are punctuated by abrupt hills of lush greens. Deep bodies of water seem to incise themselves into populated areas. All of these physical features are clear indications of the seismic activities that gave shape to this land through the ages. I imagine a connection between the fractured land and the lives of the people who inhabit it, and from this I draw my inspiration. The new work includes ‘humanized’ landscapes, which includes a fusion of figure and landscape. This is where I imply the intricate connection between the land and us as humans, and how the planet is a living organism that needs protection. Taking care of the planet means taking care of our own survival as a global community.


Growing up in Montevideo, Uruguay, I became acquainted at an early age with the work of Joaquin Torres Garcia and the Escuela del Sur (School of the South), my father being one of its members. Direct contact with the work of Joaquin Torres Garcia and his students allowed me to understand the value of Modernism in art of the 20thcentury, and the importance of the role of the artist in this time, and also the necessity for the artist to find a voice of his own. For six consecutive years, I took classes with members of this school, first with Edgardo Ribeiro Nario, and later with Guillermo Fernandez, a renowned artist and teacher. Through the nineties, I participated in several group shows and I had my first solo show at the Galeria del Notariado in Montevideo. In 2001, I relocated to Northern California, where I still live and work.

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