The Art is Essential Legacy Fund

In 2016, a small group of Pence current and previous Board members united to get a new fund off the ground, entitled the ‘Art is Essential’ Legacy Fund (AIELF).  The group decided to launch a fundraising drive to honor the Pence’s 40th Anniversary.  For each year of its service to the community, the Board pledged to raise $10,000, for a total of $400,000.

The AIELF will serve to support education, exhibits, and community outreach for many years to come, and will insure the Pence’s continued success in the future.
As a nonprofit art gallery, the Pence offers over 20,000 people every year the opportunity to make, share, and talk about art. But we can’t do it without you!

Each donor can make a huge impact through their contribution.
All donations are fully tax-deductible, and will be recognized on the Pence website, newsletter and other materials. The funds are managed through an investment committee, together with the oversight of a financial broker, so that they grow for the long-term.

To make your pledge, either for one year, or multiple years, contact the Pence Director at (530) 758-3370.

Pence Pledge Form
I would like to donate the following amount.

The following donors have pledged to the AIELF over the past year:






  John & Christine Bruhn, Kit & Bonnie Lam, Lou Fox & Marnelle Gleason, Manny & Debbie Carbahal

Judith Wydick, John and Regina Hamel

Jim & Sue Smith, Gene & Carol Livingston, Wil Uecker & Karen Fess Uecker, Tom Doyle & Kathy Joseph

Dick & Joy Dorf

Bill & Nancy Roe

Goal of the Pence Gallery Sponsors Fund
With your support, we can do amazing things! Our sponsors love the visual arts, and want to make an impact that they can see locally. Sponsors help cover the costs of coordinating an exhibit, including shipping, installation, and marketing. Your donation helps and contributes to creating a culturally rich and unique environment.

Serving the Community
The Pence Gallery’s mission is to educate and inspire the community through offering high caliber art exhibits by local and regional artists and providing education programs for all ages.  Every year, we offer 18,000 visitors free admission to encounter amazing exhibits, including more than 1400 children in our hands-on art programs.

Increased Visibility
Our business donors receive the added benefit of increasing their company’s visibility in the community for their philanthropy, and can reach new audiences through the Pence’s marketing.   All sponsors receive recognition in our member invitations (circulation 600), quarterly  newsletter (circulation 600), and the Pence, visited by over 1400 people every month. In addition, sponsors recognition is an important part of the monthly Pence column in the Davis Enterprise newspaper, website and Facebook.

Annual Benefits for Sponsors:
Enthusiast $250 per year
• Listing in Pence Events quarterly member newsletter
• Acknowledgement on the annual Sponsors Fund panel in the foyer
• Invitations to donor recognition event, as well as Patron events, including studio visits, museum trips, and pre-Auction reception.

Advocate $500 per year
• All of the above
• Free rental of Conference Room
• Tour of an exhibit with Director & Artist
• Link to company’s business Sponsor’s website

Collector $1000 per year
• All of the above
• Recognition as a sponsor in all related printed and digital exhibit materials
• Free rental of Learning Center
• Exclusive sponsor of Community Gallery exhibit in consultation with Director

Connoisseur $1500 per year
• Free rental of a Gallery space
• Lunch for four including exhibit tour with Director & Artist
• Exclusive sponsor of Main Gallery exhibit in consultation with Director

Get Involved with the Pence Gallery

Our Sponsors
The following individuals, businesses, and other organizations have supported the Pence from March 14 to June 11, 2018:

$100 - $249

Bob & Gayle BonDurant
John Rothman & Carrie Ceniseroz
Nancy Bardach
Edelgard Brunelle
Janet Day
Dr. Robert Phillips
Rebecca Ryland
David Fujino & Sarah Schrupp
John & Christine Bruhn
Max & Brookes Byrd
Marylee Hardie
Helge & Birgitta Olsen
Rosemary Tchobanoglous
Shoshana Zeldner
Mary & Dale Brooks
Cynthia Gerber
Jeffrey & Mary Nicholson
Katherine Thornhill
Mack & Jan Walker
Beyond the Garden Gate
Andy Gagnon Landscapes


$250 - $499

MAK Design + Build
Blake’s Heating and Air
Davis Ace Hardware
Duane & Jeanette Copley
Cliff & Carol Gravem
Anne Lincoln & Steve Roth
Bio Innovations
Wil Uecker & Karen Fess
Mary & Lester DeWall
Marnelle Gleason & Lou Fox
Jeffrey & Ginger Leacox

$500 - $999

Robert & Tamre Burns
Emanuel & Peggy Epstein
Suzanne Kimmel
Amina Harris
Bill & Nancy Roe
Steve & Jennifer Anderson

$1,000 - $4,999

Wayne Thiebaud Foundation
Thomas Doyle & Kathy Joseph
Fiddlehead Cellars
Sue & Jim Smith
Mary Tupper
Gene & Carol Livingston
Kit & Bonnie Lam

$5,000 + UP

Mark M. Glickman




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