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montoya   Corey Yeaton: From Valley to Volcano
Nov. 2 - Dec. 21, 2008 | Reception: Nov. 10, 7-9 PM

Depicting the consequences of power and conflict, Malaquias Montoya’s twenty-three paintings and prints facilitate the understanding of the destruction, displacement and loss of culture brought on by man-made conflict and destruction. Each piece illustrates the human spirit in its most vulnerable state: fighting between obliteration and survival.

testa   Holiday Market
Nov. 29 - Dec. 21, 2008 | Reception: Dec. 12, 7-9 PM

Select artful gifts this holiday season at the Pence Gallery's Holiday Market. The Pence is bursting at the seams with jewelry, ceramics, wearable art, seasonal items and paintings from artists at affordable prices. Some of the featured artists are Mary Fahey, Deborah Hill, Charlene Reinhart, and Ann Testa.

duarte   Fernando Duarte: Travel Postcards
Nov. 4 - 23, 2008 | Reception: Friday, Nov. 14, 7-9 PM

South American artist Fernando Duarte’s small-scale watercolor and ink sketches capture a sense of light and movement in monuments of old. Natural landmarks in America, historic buildings from Italy, and other meaningful spots for ‘postcards’ will be included. Also on display. are a selection of his surrealist paintings, which adapt realistic motifs from his sketches into fantastic new realities.

    20th Annual Community Hang-Up
Oct. 21 - Nov. 16, 2008 | Reception: Nov. 14, 7-9 PM (members opening 6 PM)

RECEIVING WORKS: Friday, Oct. 17th, 12 - 4 PM | Saturday, Oct. 18th, 12 - 4 PM

Artists from Yolo County and Dixon are invited to display their work at the 20th Annual Community Hang-Up exhibit. Art forms accepted include painting, sculpture, fiber art, prints, and photography. Work should not exceed 30" x 30". Limited to 60 artists with one entry per artis; $20 submission fee required ($15 Members). This exhibit is graciously sponsored by Dr. Barry and Lois Ramer.

skuja3   Skuja Braden: Ceramics
Sept. 26 - Oct. 31, 2008 | Reception: Oct. 10, 7-9 PM

Ceramics produced by artists Inguna Skuja from Latvia and Melissa Braden of California (known as “Skuja Braden” for their collaborative work) play with pop culture and art historical images. Each of their hand-built pieces is covered with elaborate designs in a variety of glazes and underglazes, where the surface of the unadorned clay is placed next to mat and glossy surfaces.

phil   Phil Joanou
Sept. 23 - Oct. 28, 2008 | Reception: Oct. 10, 7-9 PM

Phil Joanou combines the intuitive and the rational in his paintings that recall the styles of Matisse, Gauguin, and especially Max Beckmann. Inspired by Italian Renaissance art, the German expressionists, and popular culture, he incorporates wishes, desires, symbolism, and allegory into paintings that seem to give new passion to old stories. Joanou sees art as not a mere reporting of human values, but as an intuitive portrait of complex psychological situations; he thus paints works that transcend the specific into broader and more universal meaning.

dbg   Annual Art Auction: Beyond the Horizon
Sept. 2 - 13, 2008 | Gala Event: Sept. 13, 6-10 PM

The Pence’s Art Auction is an annual event to raise funds for the gallery’s exhibit and education programs. Visitors can enjoy previewing over 100 works of fine art by the top local and regional artists prior to the event, followed by a lively evening of music, wine, and cuisine by area restaurants during the live and silent auction forums on Sept. 13. Sponsored by Boutin-Dentino.

grave   Animal Crackers
Aug. 6 - 22, 2008 | Reception: Aug. 8, 7-9 PM

Animal Crackers features art in various media inspired by animals, including the playful work of Daphne Gillen, Jan Wax, Chris Bing, Celeste Welch, Jean Van Keuren, Melissa Woodburn, Carol Gravem, Nina Koepcke, Kari Copley, and more.
Exhibit sponsored by South Davis Veterinarian Center

Sharaine Bell
  Cultural Dimensions of African American Artists
Jul. 29 - Aug. 22, 2008 | Reception: Aug. 1, 7-9 PM

This group exhibit highlights African-American artists working in painting, jewelry, and mixed media from Sacramento and Davis, including Corrine Singelton, Sharaine Bell, Milton Bowens, Michael Stevenson, Dan Frye, John Nesbitt, John King, Terry Turner, Gerry Simpson, and Norma Lamb.

Sponsored by NAI BT Commercial: Jim Gray and Nahz Anuary, Broker Associates; Bonnie & Kit Lam; Rosie and Ron Soohoo; and Frances Leung.

    City of Davis Slightly Larger Small Works
Jun. 13 - Jul. 31, 2008 | Reception: Jun. 13, 7-9 PM

This group exhibit, organized by the City of Davis’ Civic Arts Commission, will display 3- and 2-dimensional art by artists in Yolo County, as juried by Sacramento artist and professor Joan Moment. Each applicant may submit two works, which are limited to a 12 x 12” format or smaller.

garden tour   Garden Tour Plein Air Paintings & Drawings
May 14 - Jun. 13, 2008 | Reception: Jun. 13, 6-7 PM

Enjoy seeing the final versions of plein air paintings and drawings created during our 2008 Garden Tour. Participating artists include Melissa Chandon, Rebecca Kline, Leslie duPratt, Colleen Maloney, Joanne Andresen, Philippe Gandiol, Rebecca Ryland, Wendy Goldberg, Kristine Bybee and Gina Werfel.

josephfiddelhead   Jody Joseph: Off the Beaten Path
Jun. 12 - Jul. 20, 2008
Reception: Jun. 13, 6-9 PM
(includes a wine tasting by Fiddlehead Cellars)

Jody Joseph’s landscape paintings are a tour de force of light and color. Using loose brushstrokes and patches of color, she constructs her compositions to capture the ephemeral quality of daily life. More...

sponsored by Anne Lincoln and Steve Roth

    Women By Women
Jun. 25 - Jul. 23, 2008 | Reception: Jul.11, 6-9 PM

This is an intimate group of women artists who have created images of women. Artists included in the show are: Terry Hollowell, Carol Gravem, Kristina Fong, Leslie DuPratt, Emma Luna, Deborah Hill, Deatra Cohen, Trudy Baltz, Marie Therese Brown, Shannon Moore-Jervis and others. Upstairs in the learning center.

    Valentine's Day Display & One Night Event
Jun. 25 - Jul. 23, 2008 | Reception: Jul.11, 6-9 PM

If you are looking for a one of a kind Valentine for your sweetheart or just for yourself, be sure to swing by the Pence for the Valentine's Day art show from January 2 through February 15th. We are open on February 14 from 6:30 - 9 PM. Contributing artist include Geri Wallace, Gayle BonDurant, Alison Smith, Marie Therese Brown, Philippe Gandiol, Leslie DuPratt, Sara and Tom Post, Terry Hollowell, Pat Grind, Rachel Kline and more!

    Faces of Yolo Hospice
May 7 - Jun. 20, 2008 | Reception: May 9, 6-9 PM

Touching black and white portraits of the elderly by several photographers captures the dignity and humor of people participating in the Yolo Hospice’s program. Narratives taken from interviews will accompany the photographs. Sponsored by Yolo Hospice.

elsas   Lineup: UC Davis Master of Fine Arts 1st Year Exhibit
May 8 - Jun. 8, 2008 | Reception: May 30, 7-9 PM

We invite the public to meet the artists and view their works at our recption on Friday, May 30th from 7-9 PM.
This exhibit is generously sponsored by the UC Davis Art Department;
Carmen Kuffner and Kelly McGuire

Julia Elsas, Shelves

yokecharmer   Exploring the Surface:
A Juried Exhibit by the Association of Clay and Glass Artists
Apr. 25 - Jun. 1, 2008

The best in contemporary ceramics created by members of Association of Clay and Glass Artists (ACGA) will be on view in Exploring the Surface at the Pence Gallery from April 25 - June 1, 2008. Juror Peter VandenBerge, ceramic artist and Professor of art at California State University at Sacramento, selected a diverse array of highly imaginative ceramic works by forty-seven artists. Ceramics on display will include figurative sculptures, 2-dimensional reliefs, teapots, and a variety of elegant vessels. Artists were invited to submit ceramic work that explored the idea of ‘surface’, either in how they mark, alter, and color its surface, or how they delve into deeper thematic issues beyond the surface, such as in terms of subject matter.

A companion exhibit of the same title is at the Davis Art Center, 1919 F Street, where a variety of works by four artists: Jane Burton, Phyllis Pacin, Sara Post, and Barbara Glynn Prodaniuk, will be highlighted. The Davis Art Center display continues until May 22, and their reception is also Friday, April 25, from 7-9 PM.

This exhibit is scheduled to coincide with the Natsoulas Center for the Arts’ California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art, to be held Apr. 25-27, 2008 in Davis. Over a thousand ceramic professionals, including many students, participate in exhibiting their work, taking part in lectures or demonstrations, and viewing the many exhibits on display in Davis, this weekend.

This exhibit is sponsored by Janet and Donald Harris.

The Build, Fred Yokel     
Snake Charmer, Gail Rushmore

reinhardwedemeyer   Charlene Reinhart & Carol Wedemeyer
Apr. 4 - May 4, 2008 | Reception: Apr. 11, 7-9 PM (begins at 6 PM for members)

Elegant sculptural works by Charlene Reinhart focus largely on the female form. Ms. Reinhart's figurative ceramics play with notions of strength and fragility, by incorporating natural forms such as birds and nests. Carol Wedemeyer's ceramic sculptures delight in using word play and challenging constructions to evoke fantastic narratives.

Click to see more >>

This exhibit is sponsored by Sue & Jim Smith; Dawn & Phil Daro

Legerdemain, Charlene Reinhard            
White and White Tripod Pitcher, Carol Wedemeyer

gefter   Judity Gefter: Merce Cunningham and Dancers
Mar. 1 - May 1, 2008 | Reception: Apr. 24, 7-9 PM (begins at 6 PM for members)
Read: "My Strange Days with Merce Cunningham," and see more photos. Click here >>

Judith Gefter's photographs have graced the covers of many high profile magazines and  newspapers over the years. Her 1985 assignment for Vue magazine captures both the movements of this innovative modern dance
group, as well as the master teaching himself. In her evocative black and white images, Merce Cunningham troupe dancers are caught during
rehearsal and during the performance- a rare event that was seldom allowed, due to Merce's strict requirements of silence while dancing.

This exhibit is sponsored by Carol & Gene Livingston

fitzgibbon   Linda Fitzgibbon: Recent Ceramic Sculpture
Mar. 7 - Apr. 18, 2008 | Reception: Mar. 14, 7-9 PM (begins at 6 PM for members)

Linda FitzGibbon creates a surreal world in her ceramic sculptures, pulling from literary and artistic sources.  The whimsical nature of her portraits, constructed of realistically depicted produce, results from her offbeat substitutions.  Avocados stand in for eyes, a pumpkin for a hat, and cupcakes for breasts in FitzGibbon's work.

This exhibit is sponsored by Tandem Properties & Alpha Ceramics

numan   Figurative Sculpture by Numan
Feb. 28 - Mar. 30, 2008 | Reception: Mar. 14, 7-9 PM (begins at 6 PM for members)

Numan's small ceramic figures capture both moments of great movement, and quiet moments of reflection. Accompanied by large-scale charcoal drawings of the female torso, this exhibit will celebrate the classically inspired art of this Sacramento artist.

This exhibit is sponsored by Grace & Grant Noda; Kay & Wilson Smith

daubert   The Hidden: An Installation by Chris Daubert
Jan. 9 - Feb. 29, 2008 | Reception: Jan. 11, 7-9 PM (begins at 6 PM for members)
Artist Talk: Saturday, Feb. 16, 1-2 PM (Pence members FREE / $1 general admission)

With allusions to romantic landscape, dark children's tales, and Marcel Duchamp, The Hidden”is an enveloping experiential installation, intended to allow the viewers to see what they hear, and actually feel their own connection between observation and perception.

Chris Daubert will discuss the evolution of his current installation, The Hidden, in the context of his previous multi-media work. Chris is a leading regional artist and a professor of art at Sacramento City College.

robertson   Davis L. Robertson: Gladding, McBean Photography
Jan. 5 - Feb. 15, 2008 | Reception: Jan. 11, 7-9 PM (begins at 6 PM for members)
Artist Talk: Saturday, Feb. 16, 1-2 PM (Pence members FREE / $1 general admission)

David L. Robertson’s photographs of the Gladding, McBean factories in Lincoln record a building rich in history. As the oldest working manufacturer of terracotta sculpture in the US, their abandoned loft spaces and bits of statuary are beautifully captured in Robertson’s black and white and color photographs. Through close-up views of repeated elements and atmospheric studies of enveloping spaces, he provides a history of a place at once vibrant and current, as well as shuttered and forgotten.

- Interested in having an exhibit of your own? Click here for more information!


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