Kindred Connections: Art by Marti Schoen & Binuta Sudhakaran
July 3-Aug. 16, 2020
Sponsored by Tandem Properties

Binuta and Marti met about 10 years ago, while they were painting scenic art at Davis Musical Theater Company. They discovered, as they worked side by side, a similar approach to the use of color, how to illustrate a theme, or resolve a visual challenge. Over the years, they continued that connection, as they created their own bodies of work; and while they collaborated on various creative projects at the Theater, or for benefit events.

When considering their two-person exhibit at the Pence, they first thought of how in art and in friendship, they are simply kindred spirits. We like the term ‘kindred connections’ for our title because we connect quickly, effortlessly, and harmoniously, on so many levels.

For their display, the artists have been reflecting on their common technique for applying layers of colors, as Binuta works with paint on a support, and as Marti works with glaze over clay. 

Artist Biographies:

Marti Schoen majored in art and psychology at State University of New York New Paltz, and San Francisco State University. She studied independently with various Bay Area artists, and worked as a commercial artist in San Francisco for over 30 years, during which time she worked in graphic design, illustration, and film animation. Marti’s figurative ceramic sculptures use symbolic motifs to reveal narrative through attention to details and texture. In creating vessels, her interest lies less with symmetry and function, than with balancing the movement of random elements. Her process involves rolling and tearing slabs of clay, which are then slumped over a uniform shape. Glazes, underglazes and mason stains are applied in broad abstract patterns, that anticipate unexpected fluxes to emerge when fired.

Binuta Sudhakaran is a visual artist and yoga teacher, living and working in Davis CA. Originally an architect practicing in India, she moved to Davis to raise her family and has been exploring abstraction on canvas for the past 10 years. Binuta has great reverence for the folk arts and traditional hand-made textiles around the world. After years of working in figurative art and still life, the transition to pure abstraction has allowed her to capture the essence and spirit of her subject matter through the medium of pigment glazes on canvas. She enjoys exploring the relationship between color and light on her pieces. In her work you can experience the multitude of colors of India where she grew up and get a sense of the underlying spirituality that guides her in her journey.

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